23 Feb

Loss is so hard. Sudden loss is down right heart breaking. If I could protect all of my friends and family I would. Unfortunately, sometimes life happens. Everyone has to make sure that they protect themselves AND  their loved ones. For now, offering everyone life insurance and helping with cash accumulation options is the only way I know to help ensure that at least financially those we leave behind will be okay. 

If you and your family are not currently protected and/or if you don't have something working for you, please let me share some options with you. Remember life insurance isn't something you can buy. You have to qualify for it. That's why I help people immediately and recommend that they add their kids to their plans. This way, their child is covered until they are 25, regardless of what health issues pop up in their future. In fact, my preferred company will even keep your child's policy in place until they are 18, if the child rider was in place, even after you die. Those are just Two of many more reasons why I know what I'm offering is The Best!

If I have to go to a funeral for someone I know, I want to know that at the very least, I've helped to make sure that they were properly protected financially. It would feel better if everyone lived forever! However, since that is not realistic, I'd rather attend services knowing that I also delivered a check that helps care for those left behind... instead of just delivering flowers.

I'm lifting up the families I know grieving right now. I pray God sends you comfort as you mourn. 🙏🏽 

For those who need help with funeral costs, I hope this information proves helpful... You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Let's not wait for too late!


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